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Dealing With Board Directors

Prevention is the best approach to handle difficult board members. Make sure that your agency’s objectives for board members are clear and they are able combine their vision and that of the company. This will reduce the amount of instances when the advice of a board member is counterproductive. If there is a problem be quick to address it and don’t ignore bad behavior. Avoiding it will only make it worse.

It starts by establishing a direct, one-to-one meeting with the person who is causing issues. It’s important that you are calm and professional, but clear in your discussion and clearly set out your concerns. Ideally the person will agree with you and modify their behavior, but in the event that this doesn’t work, try making an intervention in the group with the chair and/or someone other board member whom the chair holds in high esteem. You might want to look over the Values statement of your organization and/or other documents that govern the organization for words that could serve as a standard for acceptable behavior, which includes treating people with respect.

Another option is to try to get the person to step down from the board (ideally in a voluntary manner, but if necessary, by a vote of no confidence). This will require careful planning and preparation in advance of the meeting or conversation. Prepare a detailed answer to the principal questions you’d like to discuss. Make sure that your tone is professional but firm – do not be afraid to assert yourself.