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How to Choose the Right Board Member for Your Organization

A well-run non-profit or business requires an effective board of directors. A board member must bring a variety of skills, perspectives and experiences to the table to make decisions that are strategic and plan. They must also be a great speaker who can stay in touch between meetings and be proactive when it comes to networking, fundraising and other important tasks.

Take a look at a variety of independent candidates who are familiar with your field, and who are in alignment with your mission and vision. These might include experienced mentors, attorneys, CPAs, fellow entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, marketers, educators and financial experts. It is also helpful to include board members with prior experience as a board member.

During the vetting process, be sure that the applicant is genuinely interested and able to commit to being an active board member. It is a huge responsibility and may not be the ideal choice for everyone.

It is also important to know what other commitments they have in their lives, and be realistic about how much time they have available to the board. It’s not efficient to have boards that are too busy or underperforming.

In general, it is ideal to have an even number of board members in order to keep ties from developing. There must be enough board members to ensure the quorum of the board, but also to be able to receive good advice without being overwhelmed by too many voices.