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9 web developer portfolio examples to inspire your own


We’ll also discuss the five elements of creating a portfolio to captivate potential clients. To start building your design portfolio, you need a platform to create it on, right? But for now, just scroll down to indulge in some of the best design portfolios, listed in no particular order. His portfolio is very similar to Safet’s one in terms of background effects and palette colors.

Since the purpose of your web developer portfolio examples is to get more clients, place a contact form prominently on your site. If you’ve done anything that can be considered extraordinary, share it. His website drives you to his work through beautiful experiences becoming its own example of what Simon is capable of. She’s also very popular on Twitter and has spoken at plenty of events for web developers, postcasts and interviews.

  • Pages upon pages of boring, static content or generic corporate pages aren’t going to sell you quite like something completely original.
  • The initial image of moving mountains make the whole project feel alive, and it welcomes users to the projects created by Lucas and live demo links to try them.
  • She’s done it irresistibly that almost every visitor would want to engage these buttons to view.
  • And in the end, I decided to go to your github and found a link to your website DarkWiiPlayer.

‍Matt Jablonski’s design portfolio makes use of whitespace to present his best work in an extremely clear and effective way. Every card on the homepage has a coloured overlay — each one remarkably different. The pastel palette adds harmony and makes for a seamless scrolling experience. Whether you’re looking to break into a new career, build your technical skills, or just code for fun, we’re here to help every step of the way. The first thing you need to consider when you want to create your portfolio is where you will host it.

On their page, Alex highlights their skills, goals, skillset, and projects in a clean and concise way. Aim for a minimalistic color palette to make your web developer portfolio look neat and elegant. The author describes his work with amazing case studies, where he shows the entire process of creating a project, including his personal notes and sketches. A true masterpiece thanks to his care for details and overall look.

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With a simple and easy-to-use menu bar, his portfolio explains his credentials and work without going into excessive detail. Instead of creating an extensive menu, he added links to different site pages to his bio, simplifying the navigation process. Adenekan is an experienced JavaScript engineer and UX designer with impressive front-end coding skills. The subtle glitch effect on his homepage directs the visitors’ attention to his name at the center.

What I appreciated the most about his work was the way he described himself and his work policy, opening up to his personality and adding charisma to the character. His projects section is amazing thanks to relevant projects he created, like Syntwave 84, the popular Visual Studio Code extension. If you want your portfolio to be uncomplicated, you can opt for the approach used by Hakim. He composed this website with a simple description of himself plus links to his work, making it for an easy yet effective way of displaying who he is to potential employers. A web developer portfolio is not a requirement to be hired for a junior position. However, missing one means missing a tremendous opportunity to prove to recruiters your skills and dedication to the role despite your lack of professional experience.

What should a software developer portfolio contain?

This one is particularly notable because it’s animated, exciting, and engaging. As you scroll down, all the elements animate and move on over that cool mint green background. Personally, I think that when creating a frontend developer portfolio, you should still not avoid using animation to achieve the fastest loading time.


This site perfectly embodies the team’s self-description of “somewhere between sophistication and simplicity”. It reflects this tone by using bold imagery, crisp typefaces, and black color schemes – all of which contribute to creating a sophisticated look. The videos in the background expertly conveys how the digital product agency works. To illustrate, if you click on the play button on the full-screen video, it will display the process in details.

She’s done it irresistibly that almost every visitor would want to engage these buttons to view. She also allows her visitors to choose between the light or dark theme, which is also worth considering. If you are looking to build a portfolio with beautiful visuals and a few texts, you should consider using the fullPage.js fullscreen carousel. It will give your page a modern touch and will for sure be a different portfolio that will catch the viewer’s attention. Stick to the basics and avoid anything that might be confusing for your potential employer.

Making sure that the portfolio is prepared for different screen sizes and gadgets will also assist the developer in standing out and attracting more customers or employers. This full-stack web developer portfolio is an example of a portfolio that precisely presents the author’s personality and skills. Focused on creating clean, user-friendly experiences and websites, Pavel Huza is a Czech Republic-based front-end developer and web designer. Edwin De Jongh‘s web developer portfolio seamlessly balances his design with top-tier functionality by adding various navigational elements. Stephen Kistner’s web developer portfolio highlights the idea that a portfolio’s aesthetic can be adopted from a company whose products you love and whose website you admire. Kistner’s portfolio clearly showcases the influence of Apple, featuring a clean, visual design with rounded corners, soft shadows, and floating devices.

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He also uses social media icons in the hero section and sticky navigation, making jumping from section to section much more comfortable. Seán Halpin is a web designer who focuses on creating engaging website designs with responsive UI. Seán’s ability to integrate color and visuals effectively into his portfolio shows his creativity as a designer. The design of this site is simple and straightforward, providing easy access to his works, resume, and blog.

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These can be projects on previous jobs, side hustles, or a combination of both. Add here whatever you’ve done that serves as a way to show your skills as a web developer. His full-page navigation and taste for design make his website stand out from the rest.

A good website combines the right design, relevant work examples, and content. Simply add your content and, if necessary, customize the design with our easy-to-use editor. Select a color palette that best represents your personality and highlights your work.

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Omar’s portfolio is easy in its structure, yet very polished and with an amazing animation of an IDE greeting visitors, which is what made this creation memorable for me. Danilo chose a text only approach to welcome users into his portfolio, which I found quite effective thanks to a great font choice . I also appreciated his idea of mentioning the tech stack he used for each one of his use cases. Luigi adopted quite an unusual color palette for his portfolio, making the result truly distinctive.

DesignPilot’s Portfolio Website Template

It shows off Cussó’s work with bold colours, in-your-face typography and practically every animation and parallax scrolling trick in the book. The animation makes and impact and maintains the viewer’s attention throughout. In East London creates visual communication for both physical and digital worlds. Its portfolio is a superb example of Brutalist web design with plenty of neat touches. Projects are presented in an orderly but eye-catching way with clear visuals and wireframe models.

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You’re a back-end developer and are not particularly knowledgeable about front-end design. An incredible piece of frontend technology, Lynn’s portfolio depends on the size of your window as you view it. This is a very quirky conceit; in fact, it may not even work clearly for most people. It shows an excellent command of technology while also doing something unconventional.

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Learn how to develop your unique brand voice, design a beautiful website, and create content that grabs attention with a little help from us. And in the end, I decided to go to your github and found a link to your website DarkWiiPlayer. And to be honest, I was surprised, I expected to see high-quality design solutions and good fonts, which will be used to write meaningful information with good content. But unfortunately I saw there an ordinary and unremarkable site with almost no design and a dubious selection of colors.